Do the “Greens have Brown (Nazis) roots”? ….. you decide!

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Is this the last ditch effort to reduce Humanity to a level lower than “cave dwellers” all in the name of being “Environmentally Friendly”? Does the “Green Movement” have roots that should never ever appear again since the Nazis were defeated back in 1945?

Obviously there will always be a faction of hateful, anti-human bias in the World and in general most people are honest hard working and peaceful. Yet there will always be a small group of hateful psychopaths who see nothing but evil and dark days ahead for anyone who wants a Democratic and Free Society!

The following is a well researched look at the roots of the “Green Ideology” and how it may be linked to what should have been an outdated and totally unacceptable belief system that should have died in 1945!

News Magazine FOCUS Reveals German Green Movement’s Very Brown Roots

By P Gosselin on 10. April 2012

 David Harnasch

If you ever wondered why people in the Green Movement often seem to take on an air of arrogance, condescending superiority, to be masterful at propaganda, spiteful of human population, preoccupied with lebensraum, intolerant of other views and just plain bossy, journalists Michael Miersch and David Harnasch tell us what is probably behind it.

It turns out that National Socialism is the biological father of modern environmentalism. As you shall read, green naturally appeals to brown, and vice versa in many respects. This is so because much of green ideology was inherited from the browns to begin with.

Miersch and Harnasch write how this is so in the latest print edition of news magazine FOCUS, in an article they’ve reprinted at their website here: Ökonationalsozial.

What follows are FOCUS excerpts I’ve translated in English.

The National Socialist Party has a long green tradition, it turns out. Today Germany’s brownish NPD Party, for example, marches against nuclear power and gene technology. It demonstrates for organic food and bio-farming. The word “nature” appears everywhere in its party literature. “Man is part of nature. That’s why nature is simply not only the environment around man. Materialism of the last decades has driven the destruction of the natural life’s base in an irresponsible way.“ This is not a quote from Greenpeace literature, but from the party program of Germany’s brownish NPD party.

During Green Week at the end of January in Berlin, thousands of animal activists, gene-technology opponents and organic farmers protested. Many among them were “Autonomous Nationalists“ who held signs that read “Against plant food patents“ and “Against capitalist slavery“. The browns are infiltrating the greens.

Michael Miersch

Because Neonazis are hanging out increasingly within the Green scene, non-brown greens have become alarmed. One state official went through the trouble of authoring a 36-page information guide titled “Nature Protection Against Rightwing Extremism“ in order to curb the growing brown flood within the Green Movement.



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