Does McGuinty favour Privatization of HealthCare?……….his “Advisor Does!”

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So our “Great Daddy Leader” has hired a $1500 a day Consultant, Don Drummond , TD Bank’s former chief economist, to chair the province’s commission on the reform of Ontario’s public services.

It’s bad enough this guy is getting paid probably more in one day than most minimum wage workers get paid monthly but he is also a “Pro-Privatization of Healthcare” advocate.

He has been taken to task over this in the past by Health Care reps (see below) so it seems rather odd that Dalton would say he would never privatize our Health Care system and hire someone who is partial to that very idea….or is it?

When a person wants to do something that will ultimately harm someone else but doesn’t want to suffer the “wrath” from the public for doing it, they would usually slough the dirty job on someone else and then blame “That person” for the bad decision.  It’s called a “hit man” in the movies.  But this isn’t the movies.  This is real life and death and obviously isn’t where this Government wants to reside.  Not in the REAL world but in McGuinty world where everything is “green and wonderful!”

Blame the world financial meltdown for Ontario’s problems, not the real reason which is the absolute insane spending spree on useless wind turbines and sleazy green deals with foreign companies and then announce massive cut backs required to survive.  That’s the tactics here and the only way this will work is to virtually destroy Ontario, make it into a “Have Not Province” (done); burden the taxpayers with decades of unaffordable debt (done); make their every day living so expensive they can’t even afford to turn on the stove (done) and the declare:

To survive we must privatize our Healthcare System because we can’t afford to support it anymore with taxpayers money.

That will probably be McGuinty’s last act before shuffling off to his sunset job paid for by years of  “hangin’ with the right crowd”!

Hope it ain’t so Joe!

OHC writes an open letter re the Drummond Commission

Posted on June 1, 2011

May 31, 2011
Premier Dalton McGuinty
Room 281, Main Legislative Building, Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1
By email:

Dear Premier,
We are writing to express our deep concern about the “Commission on Broader Public Service Reform” announced in the provincial budget in April. According to the initial announcement, the Commission has been struck to review all of Ontario’s public services. Our concerns are threefold:

The mandate of the Commission and the ideas for public sector reform as outlined in the 2011 Provincial Budget reflect a pro-privatization and pro-marketization ideology that is not based on evidence. Some of the privatization measures proposed in the budget have an indisputable track-record in England and in other countries, where privatizing public services to profit-seeking corporations has driven up costs, fostered inequity and reduced quality. This ideology is incompatible with both the stated goal of sustainability and with public values.

Don Drummond, who has been named to lead the Commission, has made repeated public statements in support of privatizing our public not-for-profit health care institutions and services. These statements are in direct contradiction to both your government’s promise to safeguard public/non-profit health care in Ontario and the stated parameters of the Commission as outlined in the Budget Speech by your Finance Minister.

Don Drummond comes from TD Economics and we believe that his appointment to review the entire public service to determine what services are to be privatized puts him in a conflict of interest. TD Economics is part of the TD Bank Financial Group. TD Bank and TD Securities Inc. are investors in the Niagara privatized P3 hospital. TD Insurance sells private health insurance.

Premier McGuinty, this Commission should be disbanded. If your government is seeking ideas for improving public services and reducing waste, such a project must thoughtful and balanced. Principles that reflect the values and priorities of Ontarians should guide the process and frame the options considered. These principles should include cornerstone public values of equity and accessibility. The leader of the Commission should be seen to embody these values, not to act as a pundit for the private interests of Ontario’s financial and insurance sectors. In fact, Don Drummond actually argued against principles of accessibility, universality and equity in his paper on health care commissioned by the Ministry of Health released last autumn.

Furthermore, any process to generate ideas and recommendations for reform should be democratic and engage the expertise and experiences of citizens and public servants. So-called evidence on international experiments with public sector reform should be subject to open discussion to test the validity of the claims. The issues at stake are serious and the public assets at threat of privatization are significant. These decisions about the future ownership and control could be difficult if not impossible to reverse. They should not be entrusted to a biased process.


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