Here’s what McGuinty’s “insane Green plan” for Ontario looks like!

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

To all those “Greenies” out there that embrace the “Feel Good and Swarmy” message about Mother Gaia and how we can treat HER with renewable energy and help “heal her from the massive “Human Plague called Fossil Fuel usage”, one must see the Real Future and what is really going on somewhere else that has embraced this “crazy rhetoric”!

This is what McGuinty has planned for Ontario and make no mistake, YOU and I will be punished severely for allowing this man to have one ounce of Power in the Province to finalize his mad plan!…………..just substitute “ONTARIO in place of GERMANY”!

The Great Wealth Transfermation – Shift To 100% Renewables Would Cost Each German, (Ontario) Household Additional $1000 Per Month!



By P Gosselin on 4. Oktober 2011


Prof Gerd Ganteför (Photo credit:

We’ve all heard about Hans Schellnhuber’s masterplan for the Great Transformation of society, from one powered by “climate killing” fossil fuel energies to one powered by gentle, earth-healing renewable energies.

Well, it turns out that the Great Transformation would likely end up being the Great Transfer-mation – of private wealth!

The online Die Rheinpfalz here reports that if Germany succeeded in shifting to renewable energy, it would cost each German household €800.00 per month, or almost €10,000 ($13,000) per year, this according to calculations by physicist Gerd Ganteför of the University of Konstanz.

What benefit would all that money possibly lead to? Firstly, lots of government interference in private lives. Secondly, maybe a few undetectable hundredths of a degree Celsius of less warming. Indeed no endeavour in human history would cost so much and yet deliver so little to society as a whole. Thirdly, it would make (and has made) a few people outrageously rich.

Online Die Rheinphalz writes:

Covering the entire German energy demand of 2500 billion kwh per year – that includes heating, transportation and a large part of industry – with green technology would be impossible says the expert of the University of Konstanz. That would entail additional costs of 800 euros per household per month, and that is unaffordable,’ says Ganteför.”

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  1. Yep.that statement pretty well let’s McGuinty off the hook eh?……do some research…… may increase your vocabulary!……….maybe 4 years of history and over 3,000 posts and documents may prove I’m not that “crazy”..go to this site and spend a month or so “enlightening” yourself!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha, you’re crazy man!

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