“McGuinty’s Wilkinson” finally is “outed” on Ontario’s future on Cap and Trade (Carbon Tax)!!!!

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

FINALLY! Some truth on what McGuinty and Gang have in store for Ontarians IF elected for another 4 year term.  CAP and TRADE was never part of their election camapign but now that one of their MPP’s mistakenly dropped the Cap and Trade McGuinty and Gang have scrambled to polish this “turd” as fast as possible!

Here Wilkinson is asked a “set up question” by a “spinmeister” for all to see.  Notice the question is based on the premise that we have had a “terrifying weather related summer” and that Climate Change is our enemy and Wilkinson even brings up the “old banana Acid Rain” topic which has proved to be a failed claim over the years!  Basing his “arguments for a Cap and Trade bill to be implemented on failed and literally FALSE claims of Climate catastrophes  just underlines the massive SCAM this Government is attempting to pull on unsuspecting Ontario Voters.

Remember one thing while watching this.  Cap and Trade IS a Carbon Tax!  California is BANKRUPT and many attribute it’s bankruptcy on it’s Carbon policy such as what McGuinty intends to implement.  The Chicago Climate Exchange was  set up by people like Al Gore is now BANKRUPT where Cap and Trade was supposed to be actively managed.  All Cap and Trade policies are based on the now “exposed as being false”, GLOBAL WARMING BS!  Claims that BC is enjoying the benefits of Cap and Trade policy is a statement being made without any substantiated proof!

Stephen Dion was turfed over his failed attempt in “promoting a Carbon Tax, just by changing a name won’t fool people this time!

You can put lipstick on a pig, but in the end it is still a pig!

Enjoy this diatribe of back peddling!

  1. energy01 says:

    Look at the date that this video was uploaded – September 19, 2011. Why hasn’t Dalton McGuinty mentioned it in his campaign?

  2. energy01 says:

    I never in my lifetime thought I would see something like this happen in Ontario. There are hardly words to describe what is going on here.

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