Why are Liberals trying to hide fact that a Carbon Tax is coming to Ontario?????

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The Ottawa Citizen broke the following story about how a Liberal MPP  “mispoke” about McGuinty’s plans for a CARBON TAX on Ontario if he gets re-elected!

His statement as follows makes one wonder “what the hell are you talking about?”:

“I confused a cap-and-trade program with a carbon tax,” Levac said in the statement. “While a cap-and-trade system has been discussed, a carbon tax is not and has never been on the table. In fact, the premier has been clear and definitively ruled this out, permanently.”

Liberal MPP stumbles over carbon tax

What??…………so what’s so secret about a Carbon Tax from McGuinty?  Back in 2009 the Cap and Trade Bill was rammed through Parliament by McGuinty and he has been sitting on that little “polished turd” for 2 1/2 years waiting to force it down our already tax-choked throats!

Read below for some back ground:

June 1, 2009

Cap and Trade Act Bill 185

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“The Devil is in the Details”.

One more quote that defines this Act except there are no details………as yet.

Here is the third part of the “Triple Crown of the Destruction of Ontario”!

The announcement last week by McGuinty that Ontario………”can’t wait for Canada or the U.S. to implement this program, so Ontario has to lead the way”….. makes it fairly clear, or unclear, that Ontario is setting the agenda for the next few years for North America’s “new” industrial economy.

Did You Know?………..that McGuinty announced this Act AFTER the consultation period for input from concerned “stakeholders”  was completed on March 3/08?  Read the original site where the requests for input was posted at:http://www.ebr.gov.on.ca/ERS-WEB-External/displaynoticecontent.do?noticeId=MTA1Mzkx&statusId=MTU3OTI4&language=en

Conclusion: Don’t allow any constructive debate of a highly “contraversial” Bill to take place.  Only in Ontario …eh?

Each announcement from The Green Energy Act to the Harmonized Tax Act to the Cap and Trade Act has had statements made during their introduction such as ….”we are planting our flag”……and…….”we want to be Number One in the World as an Environmental Leader”………..and terms such as this making one wonder if we Ontarians have declared WAR on someone and are leading our Flag into battle?….

The “War” seems to be declared on the citizens of Ontario to either go along with these legislative acts or suffer the consequences.  We have been told as much in newspaper releases by McGuinty and Smitherman.

The Cap and Trade Act simply put is about as destructive and counter productive as any Act could be.

It is the “capping” of an industry’s expulsion of C02 into the atmosphere and then receiving a “credit” for every ounce of C02 under that cap that then can be traded to any other industry for money, goods or other consideration that pollutes.  In the end the cost of goods rise and are passed onto who?…...USthe consumer!………

Here are just a few quotes within the last two weeks about Cap and Trade:

“Cap-and-trade is an economic program run by governments to charge Canadians — not “polluters” who in fact get to pass along their costs, and more, to us — for something we’ve never been charged for before. “

“Introducing it during the worst global recession since the Great Depression is stark, raving, mad. “

“And it’s not just electricity that’s going to go up. So is the cost of food and virtually everything we buy, because it takes energy to grow it, manufacture it and transport it to market.  So is the cost of heating and cooling our homes, for the vast majority.  So is our water bill, because it takes electricity to pump it to our homes. “

Of course this Act is promised to be in effect by 2012 and that should be in time for a full recovery of our industrial base in Ontario and just in time to drive any investment in new industry out of Ontario ensuring us of sustaining the “Have Not” status we now enjoy under the present Government.

Ontario has always been the engine that runs the Country but now has been reduced to being the fuel.

The Fuel Tank is emptying fast folks and we must ask the Politicians WHY is this happening?

To get those answers we need a Public Inquiry!

NEXT: Specific background references to the generalized statements above…………



The British tax office arrested seven people in London on Wednesday in a suspected 38 million pounds ($62.6 million) value-added tax fraud in the European market in carbon allowances, it said. … “Those arrested are believed to be part of an organized crime group operating a network of companies trading large volumes of high-value carbon credits,” it said.

The Financial Times adds:

Anand Doobay, a partner at Peters & Peters, a City-based law firm specialising in financial crime, said the ethereal nature of the fast-expanding multi-billion dollar international market in carbon credits had made them an attractive target for graft: “There is an increasing amount of fraud connected with them as a commodity. It’s trading with something that’s intangible, and that isn’t regulated in the way some other commodities are.”

Since carbon credits are a completely intangible unlike every other real commodity on the planet, cap and trade has afforded organized crime a new avenue to defraud taxpayers and other unsuspecting victims. Now where have we heard people predict exactly that would happen?

Carbon Trading Is an Invitation to Fraud

Why Should the U.S. Embrace Failure?

Lies Environmentalists Tell

The Fraud at the Core of Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade’s Inevitable Central Planning Conclusion

The Fraud behind Carbon Reduction Targets

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  2. energy01 says:

    By emphatically denying that they will implement a carbon tax, the McGuinty Liberals are hoping that no one askes about cap and trade, which they have been planning for some time. In my opinion, this bait and switch tactic is a cynical abuse of the public trust.

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