Tie your rope to the Green Horse…..lose your job!!!

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Almost a daily occurrence now we read heart breaking stories about workers losing their jobs in the Green Energy Sector.  Yet every night we see Dalton absolutely “giddy” about how great he’s done in Ontario through his 8 years at the helm!  Tell that to the 50 workers in Ft Erie who are home today watching the McGuinty “spin”!  Ask them who they are voting for!

50 workers laid off at Fort Erie plant

DMI Industries hopes job cuts won’t be permanent, cites ‘uncertainty’ in wind power market

By BRETT CLARKSON Niagara Falls Review Sept. 21/11

Fifty people are out of work after a round of layoffs at the DMI Industries plant in Fort Erie.

The layoffs took effect Monday at the wind-turbine tower manufacturer and came as a result of the “uncertainty” surrounding the political support for wind-generated power, said DMI Industries spokesperson Belinda Forknell.

“Unfortunately what’s happened is that (with) all the uncertainty that’s out there right now with the future support for wind energy, there’s just a softening of demand for our product,” Forknell said.

Speaking by phone from the company’s headquarters in Fargo, N.D., Forknell said the company hopes the layoffs will not be permanent and without being specific, she suggested that the provincial election in Ontario could potentially affect the layoffs if the government that is elected commits — or does not commit — to wind energy.

“It’s not intended to be permanent,” Forknell said. “Of course we won’t really know when things will turn around. We don’t know how temporary it could or could not be. I think after Oct. 6, we’ll know a lot.”

DMI builds towers for wind-turbine projects in Ontario and the northeastern United States, Forknell said.

She avoided singling out a specific party’s policy platform.

In recent days, however, the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives have publicly been calling each other out on the other’s energy policies with each party blaming the other for the fragile condition of the renewable energy market.

Stephen Passero, president of the Greater Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce, said the impact of the job losses on the local community will result in less money being spent in the community, which could potentially endanger other jobs.

“It’s a huge negative,” Passero said. “Anytime you lose employment, it’s less disposable income in their pockets because now every penny, unfortunately, is just going to keep the lights in various households and unfortunately it’s nothing to new to Niagara.”

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