Students learn about “Metrolinx”…..Beware of “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”!

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In today’s Globe and Mail we read about a summer class of 15 and 16 year olds at the U of T learning about “Metrolinx” and how the future of Toronto’s Transit System should look like.

At first glance one would rather gloss over this story, filing it away in the deep corners of the mind saying: well that sounds rather good…good for those kids!”


Metrolinx is anything but sublime and forward thinking!  Metrolinx is part and parcel of Agenda 21 which is the United Nation’s “blueprint” for the future of humans living on this planet.  And it isn’t a “feel good plan” either!

One must embrace research and dig deep into the background of these two key words, Metrolinx and Agenda 21 to uncover the true agenda for urban and rural dwellers!  It is part of the North South American Transport Corridor.

Basically Metrolinx will be the transporatation hub for all our Grandmothers and Grandfathers who are being basically forced out of their homes and off their lands and financially forced to relocate for the remainder of their senior years in a high density urban setting which will be served by Metrolinx which will make it unecessary for these people to drive a car, travel anywhere outside the Metrolinx corridor and basically just stay put!

This is what these children are actually doing without even knowing about it.  They are deciding the fate for their Mothers and Fathers when they get too old and poor to “contribute to society”!

Agenda 21 is part and parcel of Metrolinx and one must spend a few hours trying to digest the inoxious words of this document to get the real meaning of how dangerous and evil this plan really is.

Agenda 21 is embedded in every single Municipality in Ontario and in the actual Ontario provincial agenda which is headed by the Green Energy Plan.  Here’s how it’s working at the present.  Lease massive amounts of rural farmland for wind and solar green electricity generation. Erect Industrial developments on this land, create an overly expensive electrical system that people can’t afford anymore; de-value the farmland and surrounding homes so badly that people never regroup their net worth when selling, not to mention making everyone ill surrounding these developments so they have to move.  Alternative?………..move to a cheap urban dwelling that will house you and be Government assisted for the remaining short years of your life.  Metrolinx will get you around; your 450 square foot stacked housing unit is low energy consumption and takes up only a small carbon footprint, much like the space you take up when you hit the dirt nap!

In Ontario this Agenda 21 doesn’t use the name but uses the words Innovation Agenda.

Who would represent the United Nations Agenda 21 and Metrolinx in Toronto?  Go deep into the website of the Canadian Urban Institute and look up Agenda 21 and Metrolinx.

For an “eye-glazer” read the Agenda 21 for yourself at The Green Agenda

Here is some of the past destructive ideas for Toronto from Metrolinx promoters inAgenda 21 in action

WARNING TO PARENTS:  When you hear your young lad or little gal coming home from school and saying anything like the following: “Mom, I want to be an “eco-warrior”, OR “Mom I want to join Greenpeace”, OR “Dad, David Suzuki says we should turn off our electricity to save the planet”, OR “Mom, can I go to hear a talk on Urban Densification at York University”……………….First thing is to immediately call the “idiot who suggested this idea to your youngster” and ask where this message came from.  Secondly, start to learn what your young child has been learning from some stranger who you think has his/her education in “their” best interest!  In other words, get active, get involved and save your own children from becoming something that is anything but “human and compassionate!”

The “sublime and rather innocent” headline and portion of the story goes as follows:

Maximum City course has teens planning tomorrow’s Toronto


From Saturday’s Globe and Mail
Published Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011 6:00AM EDT

Mathew Bertin of Metrolinx has just fielded a question about how the Toronto subway is regarded internationally, and is attempting to paint an optimistic portrait.

“People used to come from around the world to see our transit system,” he says, pausing to allow his audience to absorb the statement.

A second later, the room explodes in high-pitched giggles as countless knowing eye-rolls are exchanged.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the members of this group find Mr. Bertin’s comment funny. Most of them are well aware of the TTC’s shortcomings as they take it at least twice a day: to and from school.

“Yeah, I heard it was, like, the best … in the 1970s,” laughs one teenage boy.

Mr. Bertin is addressing a classroom of 15- and 16-year-olds, a demographic that is not regularly consulted about urban issues, or asked for its take on how well the streetcar runs or the parks are maintained.

But this week, the 30 teens participated in a five-day course called Maximum City at the University of Toronto School, a week-long primer on city building that cost each student $125 and one of the last, precious weeks of their summer vacation.

“I thought if I had a better understanding of how things work, I’d be better positioned to try and make a difference in the future,” said Isabella Chiu, 15, a Grade 11 student who was one of the successful applicants out of more than 50 who applied for the pilot program.

The class is the creation of Josh Fullan, a French and drama teacher at UTS who would like to see urban issues formally incorporated into the Ontario high-school curriculum.  Read more here:

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