If you bought into Ontario Solar Program…..well, “Good Luck with all THAT!!!!!”

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Weed-Covered, Neglected Solar Park: 20 Acres, $11 Million, Only One And Half Years Old!

By P Gosselin on 4. Juli 2011

German solar skeptic website SOLARKRITIK.DE here provides the background on the rundown, weed-covered solar facility in former communist (and now “green”) East Germany, which I presented in my last post here.

It’s much worse than we thought. The story behind the above photo and the project itself appears here at the online Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper. The facility is sprawled over an area of 20 acres. The Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper wrote just before the facility went into operation:

‘The park is finally realized,’ beams mayor Carina Radon (CDU) nowadays, and praised the 7.5 million Euro investment. 36,300 modules will be installed in the weeks ahead. It will generate an annual amount of 2.7 million kilowatt-hours. The facility will produce a peak amount of 2722 kilowatts.

Wow! With that kind of performance, you’d think the facility would be well-maintained so that it could continue to generate cash – and so save the planet. Letting such investments go to hell is usually the last thing one does with a money making machine like that. The Leipziger Volkszeitung article writes:

The solar park saves the environment an emission of 34,500 tons of CO2 and one expects it will be in operation 20 years.”

20 years? As the date of the article shows, the park was set up in December, 2009 – much less than two years ago. Now it is already overgrown with weeds and on the verge of being useless. Your subsidies at work, folks. The green economy – Germany’s job engines!

Read the rest here:

  1. Larry says:

    We just got one of these in our county of Sarnia Lambton acres and acres of good farmland and they want more. They were so happy with this. I can see already what this will look like in a few years. What a joke.

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