Why not End the Green Energy Act completely, Tim?

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Please Mr Hudak……..Can I Have More Sir?

May 9/2011

Tim Hudak was at the Ontario Power Summit today when he announced the following:  “TORONTO — Today, in a speech to the Ontario Power Summit, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak said a PC government will provide relief for families on their hydro bills and restore transparency and competition to Ontario’s energy sector by ending Dalton McGuinty’s expensive and unsustainable Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program and his sweetheart Samsung deal.”

His comments that followed are what should concern anyone who is “hopeful” that this is the beginning of  reversal of McGuinty’s plan to destroy literally all of Ontario with his “Green Energy Nightmare” :      “An Ontario PC government will integrate renewable energy into Ontario’s energy supply mix by ensuring the process is competitive and transparent and, above all, affordable to Ontario families. While Dalton McGuinty believes Ontario families can pay more for his expensive energy experiments, only Tim Hudak and the Ontario PCs will provide the relief Ontario families need.”

Lovely words of “hope and forward thinking to be sure” but why not go completely forward with the complete “Abolishment of the Green Energy Act”?

This Bill 150 was written and approved by human beings and can be unwritten by human beings can’t it?……….Without a complete dismantling of McGuinty’s destructive Industrial agenda of converting Ontario into a “renewable generating station for export to the USA” at a loss more than a profit, then any promises sans the complete obliteration of anything remotely representing “renewable energy generation” as it now operates are almost “moot”!

How Hudak plans to “integrate renewable energy into Ontario’s energy supply mix by ensuring the process is competitive and transparent and, above all, affordable to Ontario families” will be quite an amazing act to follow to say the least.

While the announcement today gives us a “small light at the end of a very dark tunnel” it doesn’t quite go far enough.  Take a drive this summer through Western Ontario and see for yourself the destruction that has been left in the wake of this Mad Man’s (McGuinty) vision of a “green Ontario”.  Abandoned homes and farms, unusable arid farmland covered by huge behemoths waving their arms in the wind. or not, generating DEBT for your grandchildren!  Yet Hudak states he will “integrate these into our energy mix in an affordable way” that will ease the pain of Hydro payments and hard working Ontarians daily expenses?  Instead of “Integrate” why doesn’t he push the word “Disintegrate” these massive monsters of destruction?  That would make a land slide victory for the PC’s a virtual reality!……….and don’t bring up the old chestnut that we have to “honour contracts” that were signed by McGuinty with these Wind Developers……they were signed without any input from the public who had their tax dollars skimmed out of their coffers in a very UNDEMOCRATIC way!………..the “Public Trust in their Government” has been thrown in the garbage dump of renewable promises that were never about saving anything but the jobs of politicians and greedy investors!!!

  1. Andrew says:

    I think Red Green is right. Green is now a religion. Times when I have tried to talk sense into people’s minds regarding climate change, they look at me like I got two heads. Hudak is doing this slowly so it doesn’t back fire. Expect to hear more from Hudak as the election comes closer… and even more after the election.

  2. Red Green says:

    All Ontarians need to get informed on what this whole green energy mess is really all about. Green energy sounds wonderful! Surely we’re all willing to sacrifice just a little to please Mother Earth. Surely nobody could make bad of Grandma’s apple pie, could they?

    But what if the Green Scam was just an excuse to fleece the taxpayer, internationalize out energy supply (think prices at the pump today / future consequence to our hydro bills), kick rural folk off their land, destroy what’s left of our industrial base, kill legacy jobs, and train us to pay a helluva lot more for…well, less?

    Look beyond the politicians here…that’s right, keep going…farther, farther…there you go. Now where di all these policy ideas come from in the first place? And why is it that every political party in Canada is towind the same line is some form or another?

    Libs -> full steam ahead on Green. Let’s see how fast we can lick the honey pot clean

    Cons -> slow down horsey, let’s do this responsibly

    NDP -> green is the new orange

    Green -> well…

    See? Now where did this whole green mantra come from in the first place? How in the hell did it ever become so engrained within the mass psyche?

    And don’t hand me any bullshit about Global Warming or Climate Change either! Do your homework before you decide to shoot off like a drunken teenager on a prom date! We all need to get informed before we don’t have a pot to piss in becuase we gave it away to the green gods in the golden temples.

    Think people, think!

  3. Red Green says:

    Wow! Good commentary.
    When do I get to see this in the Post?

    All joking aside, only one thing I disagree with. Scrapping the GEA would win votes in rural Ontario, but I think it’s political suicide for the yuppie vote.
    Green is a religion don’t you know…

    • biggreenlie says:

      Maybe the “yuppies” may want to get “informed” as to why their condos have “Smart Meters” now and they have to pay humongous rates for their electrical use which they never had to think about before?…………once “informed” I’m sure they would join the rebellion!

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