German Elitist’s “Vision” of the Great Transformation!

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

German Elitists Unveil “Master Plan” For The “Great Transformation” Of GLOBAL Society. Call For “Bonus-Malus Solutions”

By P Gosselin on 7. April 2011

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Hans Schellnhuber’s Master Plan for the “Great Transformation” of society announced in a Spiegel interview is now out.

If there was ever a document out there that served to certify someone has no clue about economics and democratic principles, this is it!

And it’s as remote from reality that anything can get. Only reality-isolated pointy-headed academics could come up with such a thing.

It even tops my wildest expectations. You can now read it here: A World In Transition – A Social Contract For Sustainability. This is what he and his enviro-kook academics, who never worked a day in their lives in private industry, recommend for changing society – to save us from junk science-based global warming.

To accomplish this so-called Great Transformation of society, the authors of the master plan advocate 10 bundles of measures to take.

Bundle No. 1: Improve the Proactive State with Extended Participation Opportunities

In the German they call it the “Designing State”. Here they call for a strengthening of the state and advocates “bonus-malus” solutions. That means: let’s make the state even more powerful, and if you don’t do what it tells you, then you get whacked.

Bundle No. 2. Advance Global Carbon Pricing.

The WBGU believes that carbon pricing is the most important political measure for decarbonisation, and a necessary element of any regulatory framework for the transformation into a climate-friendly society. However, the price of carbon has to be set at a level that is high enough to achieve the transformative impact called for, i. e. it must be substantially higher than the current European emissions trading price level.”

Read the Rest here:

  1. […] heat their homes along with anything else that is related to energy use under the guidance of the Grand Transformation  promoted by Hans Schellnhuber, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research […]

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